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Zoe Eagleton - Director / Senior Consultant

Zoe Eagleton

Places I've visited: Australia, United States, United Kingdom, many parts of Europe, Lapland, Middle East, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Pacific....oh there are just too many places to name!

Favourite travel destination: Europe

Why? Many different sides of history only hours from each other.

Most memorable travel experience: Edinburgh Military Tattoo - from the audience and from the performance esplanade. Two very different experiences.

Travel Tips: Live it like a local.

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: My passport and money.

My dream holiday: Ummmm.....

Monika Jones - Senior Consultant

Monika Jones

Places I've visited: All seven continents.

Favourite travel destination: Antarctica.

Why? Amazing scenery and wildlife.

Most memorable travel experience: Polar plunge.

Travel Tips: Be open to new experiences.

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: My passport.

My dream holiday: The next one.

Alwyn Eagleton - Director / Shuttle Manager

Alwyn Eagleton

Places I've Visited: Philippines, Hong Kong, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, New Zealand, Tasmania and various areas within Australia.

Favourite Travel Destination: Queenstown, New Zealand.

Why: Atmosphere, snow, beauty, easy to get to.

Most memorable travel experience: Our first trip to the United Kingdom and France.

Travel Tips: Use a travel agent, we did.

When I go on holiday the first thing I pack is: I don't, my wife packs for me.

My dream holiday: Every holiday I go on is a dream holiday.

Harrison Eagleton - The Real Boss of the Office

Harrison Eagleton

Places I've Visited: New Zealand and various places in Australia.

Favourite Travel Destination: New Zealand.

Why: I love the snow.

Most memorable travel experience: Melbourne. I love Legoland and all the different food around Melbourne.

Travel Tips: Don't forget your iPad. I can read, watch movies, play games and take photos.

When I go on holiday the first thing I pack is: My suitcase and toys.

My dream holiday: I want to go and see Paddington in London.

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